Emf Health Risks Dangers and Safety Tips


Electro Magnetic Field happen occurs almost everywhere. You would be surprised to find that most of the home appliances you use at home emit such field. For anything wireless to reach at you home, then there are waves that have penetrate through your building and your body and it is hard to avoid that. Some of them are very weak and have no effect to your body. However, some of them are very strong and have adverse effect at the long run. We cannot live without electricity, for example. Electricity transmission must create an electric field. The electric field usually covers a certain area. The electromagnetic waves created can penetrate through the body and cause some health effects. Most people do not understand this and some of them hardly know the effects while others don't know whether it causes any effect. Even hanging electric cables form the electric posts cause such fields. Study in physics shows that the hanging cables creates a magnetic field that causes a force. It flows to a certain direction. However, our interest is not the force it creates or the direction in which it flows. After all, that is not a major problem.

The problem comes with the electric field created. If you are living near pylon, then you are exposed to such Emf. Even when the cables are sealed, they still cause the same effect. If you are using the solar panels, then you might have solved the problem on your side. But if you neighbor has the electric cables hanging around, then you are still exposed to the health effects. Scientific study has shown that it causes some brain damage diseases. It can also cause cancer, fatigue and other diseases. Even when you at the job and working with the cathode ray tube computers or devices, you are still exposed to emf. But the emf from such devices has a negligible effect. The introduction of flat screens will have reduced the power usage, meaning that it also reduces the emf created. If you are living near substation, you can avoid this by moving further away from the substation. Some of the substation are usually large and create big emf which can extend some distance to reach your home. The health effect is more on infants, pregnant mothers to their babies, aged people and people suffering from chronic diseases.

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